I started fashioning an octopus today and so far, I am pleased with the prototype results.


My friend Captain Richard Rodriguez contacted me about a recent photo I posted of the Duck Ring that recently came off my bench.  “WOW” was the subject line, and then the request – what about an Octo?

Richard is a Captain with Vessel Assist our of the San Juan Islands and maintains a wonderful blog, Bitterendblog.

Here’s to you Captain RR….my endeavor to craft you your own Octopod ring….Size 9.  My initial sketches:

I love wide rings. A recent article in Artjewelry inspired me to take a stab at a wide band ring made from sheet rather than flat wire. My first attempt was a learning curve, my second attempt (shown here) is better. My next try will be in 18g silver sheet.

I was asked to make a sterling silver locket for a young girl who recently celebrated her Bat Mitzvah.

The piece was finished and delivered today- I polished this locket to such a shine you could have put lipstick on with it!

I remember as a kid that lockets seemed old fashioned. Something that old people held on to stuffed with old photos, locks of hair or some other momento.

Today, I am working on a locket for a friend. My prototype locket of copper and sterling with a swivel rivet hinge came out so well I was asked to make a sterling one for a 13 year old girl as a gift.

Inside the locket I will stamp her initials and the year- perhaps she’ll give it to her daughter someday.

Nothing old here anymore.

A black onyx cabachon bezeled in sterling. My goal is to become more proficient and comfortable with this technique.

I am here visiting family in Upstate NY (the REAL Upstate) on Cayuga Lake. We always have fun here – golfing, shopping and spending time on the water in the Summer.

My niece has been showing me her ring creations using brightly colored buttons, charms and wire.  I think she could be quite a jeweler!

For my own inspiration, early walks with my dog along the lake have been wonderful, and today’s inspiration will be a visit to the MacKenzie Childs headquarters

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Cayuga Lake

Today I decided to create a simple silver band, being careful to concentrate on basic soldering techniques as well as taking time to carefully finish the piece. The result is a n excellent soldered joint, and a decent polishing.

I made this ring by simply bending, rolling and soldering. Simple and cool…

I love S-hooks. They are easy to use and are pretty. While they are easy to use AND to make, my head was in having a hard time making them last night, which is evident in my photo. I guess I have a nice pile of scrap to send back to Rio.

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