I have dabbled in many things over the years.  Knitting – too much counting. Watercolors – nice but not a passion.  Drawing – again, nice, but not a passion. scrap-booking- I love paper, but again this was not so much a passion as an exhaustive process with too many choices.

Jewelry.  It started with a little wire working, a little hammering,  few beads and then someone said: “take a metalsmithing class with me”.  I started with one session of metalsmithing, then two…and now I am on a third class.  I am now IN LOVE with this.  I love bending wire, working wire, using a torch to make things “stick”.  I love all of the possibilities, as well as the limitations and patience that it all requires.

Welcome to my awakening.  Welcome to the designing and creation of EosDiva.