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A black onyx cabachon bezeled in sterling. My goal is to become more proficient and comfortable with this technique.


Today I finished a few projects, and the biggest one was “The Amethyst”.  The finished piece is here…and it has been told that Amethysts protect the wearer from drunkenness, which is a good thing.  I was ready to take to the bottle after trying to push 14 gauge wire prongs over the beauty without cracking or scratching!  Roll over a photo and press stop to control the slide show. 

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The prongs are set, filed and polished.  The last step is to place the stone in the setting and then using a prong set, push to prongs over so that they cradle the stone.

Easier said than done though.  The design for this setting is chunky and modern, leaving delicate in the closet.  The prongs are 14 gauge wire, which are very difficult to push into place, requiring quite a bit of pressure to push them in without damaging the stone.  While I did not damage the stone, I did break one prong off.  I carefully pushed 2 prongs back, slid the stone back and went back to replace the prong.  All this in 3 hours!

I will attempt to finish this piece next week… be patient and stay tuned!

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